Our Platform

The Economy

It is essential we develop an economy in which one who works full time is able to afford to take care of his or her family.  A living wage must be available.

All of us should share in the riches of this land and we each need to be expected to give back based on ability.

Foreign Policy

The United States must become a true proponent of democracies.  We must end these wars of occupation and treat all peoples with dignity and respect, regardless.  

As a veteran of the First Gulf War, I have seen first hand the destruction wars cause.  War should be a last resort.


We are ALL entitled to access to great healthcare.

Our veterans deserve to have the promise of the world's greatest healthcare, including care for mental health, honored.


Public Education has always been the single greatest investment this country could make and that investment should only be expanded.  Our children will be entrusted with the future, we cannot withhold necessary resources any longer.

Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements.  They are investments the people of this country have made that they deserve to have returned to them.  Any politician who seeks to take them away must be defeated.

It is our responsibility to maintain these social safety nets and look after the most vulnerable - it's part of what makes our country great.

Corruption in Politics

It is every American's duty not to tolerate greed and corruption in our politics.  An Oath to the Constitution is an oath to the people of this nation - all of them.  I promise clarity in my campaign and in my service to you if I am elected.

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