LaPolice Endorsement Statement

Our country faces many difficult challenges and threats, both natural and man-made. Each new day seems to greet us with yet another problem desperately in need of a solution. Here in the great state of Kansas, we are watching as farmers and ranchers undergo overwhelming hardships not of their own making. Towns across the First Congressional District are struggling to survive as families are forced to leave behind a lifetime in agriculture to find work elsewhere. Kansas hospitals are closing at the same time as healthcare is moving further and further out of reach for average families. We continue to face natural disasters like the devastating wildfires of last year just as our neighbors on the coasts suffer hurricanes and we look to the federal government to address the destruction. The great economic gains seen on Wall Street are not translating to financial security across the country and the economic divide is widening at a staggering pace. Most obviously, the political divide has become stretched so far that one can hardly imagine how it can ever again be navigated.

We stand here today in common cause, seeking to offer hope in bridging this tragic divide; to recommend a path forward in a shared future. Nowhere is the political divide more apparent than in the United States House of Representatives. While candidates often correctly identify the immense problems of partisanship and polarization during their campaigns, rarely do they propose any meaningful solutions once elected. 

Until now. 

This group of Leaders for LaPolice are a diverse collection of past and present Kansas Leaders. Some are currently serving our local municipalities, some have led our state and still others have held national leadership roles. Our common bond is that each has prioritized problem-solving and bi-partisanship over gridlock and rigid ideology. You will find that each of us signed to this list performed our leadership duties in a way, nearly unthinkable today; without loyalty to any respective party but rather with duty to all who we serve. We all have balanced budgets, addressed problems, expanded opportunities, advanced policies, protected institutional norms and most importantly, we’ve defended our Constitution and the rule of law. It is with this collective experience and understanding of service that we join together to sincerely support and endorse an individual who shares these qualities and understands these responsibilities. 

Alan LaPolice is a true son of Kansas. He was raised with the work ethic and Kansas values that come from growing up on a dairy farm in Washington County. Perhaps that is serendipitous since we all believe he is now needed in Washington D.C. He voluntarily enlisted in the US Army fresh out of high school and he fought bravely in the largest tank battle in American history in First Gulf War as an infantry soldier and a Bradley gunner. Most notably, he has dedicated the majority of his life to the education of others as not only a teacher, but also as a principal in a high school exclusively designed for those most at risk. He went on to become a district superintendent and he transitioned smoothly into a leadership role at a community college. He has always placed the needs of others ahead of his own and this is precisely what is currently missing in our nation’s capital. 

The reason we each feel so confident in Alan LaPolice’s ability is his clear knowledge of the complex policy issues that need to be addressed at the federal level without delay. Importantly, he grasps the underlying root problems and has a willingness to address these through investigation, collaboration and determination. And his most qualifying skill is that he is keenly aware of something we all have come to see as the essential truth in leadership: it is only through cooperation and consensus building that any lasting solutions can be achieved. United we Stand and Divided we’ll Fall.

Real leadership is not partisan because real leaders serve all. Lasting solutions are not prejudiced to one side because no real solution leaves so many behind. Permanent problem solving is having the courage to do what is best for the nation even at the cost of your party or personal comfort. Simply put, Country over Party.

As a nation, our way forward is neither left nor is it right, it is up, together in shared prosperity. Ad Astra per Aspera! Today, we proudly announce that the way forward starts right here in Kansas, in the place which has produced so many great leaders. Today, we proudly endorse Alan LaPolice for Congress. 

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