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    Leading the Way

    Leading the Way

    In 1861, Kansas was admitted to the Union as a free State.  This came after a long and bloody battle, earning us the name "Bleeding Kansas'.

    Kansas is again in a battle.  A battle for freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from a government that is no longer willing to work as one, but that is split due to partisanship.

    Unfortunately, It's not just Kansas.  Our federal government is also divided due to partisanship.  It's split because dark forces use money and bribery instead of collaboration and the ideals of what's best for all Americans.

    I was an Army Infantryman.  Then as now, I want to Lead the Way. To new leadership.  To better government.  To a better Kansas, and a better United States.

    I will do my best to represent all the people of the First District, regardless of party, regardless of wealth, regardless of anything that may set us apart from one another.  We are all Kansans.  Country Over Party. People Over Money. Ad Astra Per Aspera!

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    Democrats, Independents and Moderate Republicans in the Big First have not had a voice in Congress for far too long.  

    Help us restore the voice of the people in the Halls of our Government. We need boots on the ground - people willing to make phone calls, knock on doors, put up flyers and Get Out The Vote!  

    Help us get the word out!

    Help us Take Back Congress!

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